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The Warren Symphony :iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 1 0
Wolf Eyes
I have dreams about dogs sometimes.
Usually my nightmares are about the dead rising up and walking again, or witches or evil spirits. But ever since I started working here, hounds have been in my dreams more and more.
And they look a lot like the king.
At first, I thought it was a coincidence. But Sally always told me that when my gut sinks around a man, I should run. Fast. The only problem is, there’s no where I could run.
Sometimes I see his eyes glitter at me from across the food court, where he eats with his family.
Sometimes I look up and catch him staring at me when I’m reading, or doing paperwork. I’ve told Chishio, but he just said that it was normal.
“Jack’s a creeper. And creepers like to creep. Just watch your back.”
But there’s no where to run. If he did come after me--
He wouldn’t. He’s got two women, why bother with me. He doesn’t even know what I look like under my cloak. No way to tell…
Yet he still stare
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 1 0
Mature content
Before I Wake (Or, Bridge of Light) :iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 1 0
Mother of Titans
For the first five thousand years, I was alone.
The sun never visited me, and the moon never wrote. Rain didn’t return my calls, and wind didn’t bother saying goodbye.
For five thousand years, I never felt the summer light warm my back. I never felt the rain on my eyelashes, the wind burn my cheeks or whip my hair. I never saw my mother’s face in the moon again.
My only light were candles, my only friends the shadows on the wall.
I don’t know where we live, I never have. I would guess underground, but there’s no way to tell for sure.
Maybe I should start from the beginning.
My mother was Tzipporah. Yes. That Tzipporah. My father, however, was not Moses.
My mother called him Samson.
History remembers him as a dark shade, overtaking Athens in 430 BC, England in the mid-fourteenth century, and in 1918, the entire world.
You might know him as Pestilence.
When I was born, my skin was so rotted, the flesh so decayed, that my mother thought I was stillborn
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 1 0
His parents had gotten married in a graveyard. That’s where Peter thinks his bad luck comes from.
The ceremony was small, quiet. The polar opposite of a traditional wedding in Nevermore. It was just them and the witch that married them. No feasts, no masks, no dancing. Just his parents, their faces uncovered, loving each other. It was more intimate, they claimed.
His grandparents claimed that it was spiteful; they didn’t want their families involved in the ceremony because neither pair of parents had wanted them together. Peter thought this would rather justify his parents’ decision.
When they were some of the first people executed by the state, the neighbors claimed this was why. You don’t go against tradition unless you want Fate to come back and bite you in the arse. You don’t celebrate in a somber place unless you’re prideful. And all people with excessive pride have far to fall. Peter never said anything in response to these neighbors. His br
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Mature content
Four Times He Held Her :iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0
Mature content
27. :iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0
Mature content
Your Friend, The Applebee :iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?
Are you bored with the part of your life that everyone sees?
Do you long for the kind of intrigue incurred by regret,
Or perhaps for delicious mystique secured by secrets?
Are you an outspoken leader shunned by society?
A visionary bogged down by dull mediocrity?
An aspiring Socrates spurned by hypocrisy?
An unbridled dreamer limited by reality?
Or a free thinker punished for your eccentricity?
Do these troublesome labels within your community
Instill bothersome, senseless, and cruel notoriety?
Well, ladies and gents,
We proudly present,
A lovely elegant solution for your discontent,
Whether you’re trapped in the box, or too far outside the lines,
Just follow our instructions, then you can live on both sides.
Put on your mask, don’t take it off, treat it like it’s your face.
Because life is all just a game, an occult masquerade.
Everyone’s born in pairs. Everyone comes in groups of two.
Public selves are sc
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0
Diagnosis by Song (Disney) (ALSO OLD)
~~~~Poor Unfortunate Souls~~~~
Why was she doing this again?
She was surely pushing her luck. She was now blind, trapped in a straitjacket, and absent from her throne. Anyone could take it. Now her shimmering sapphire eyes were gone, her sanity was shattered, and her empire she had been planning to build in Nevermore was in shambles.
And yet, running over the positives of Laurline’s proposition only served to intensify the impulse to just accept it in wanton disregard for the negatives.
Gigi recalled hearing the door screech on its hinges before she heard the witch’s coercing voice, riddled with “dahling” and “sweet cheeks” and other unbearably twee niceties. Underneath it all, however, she knew Laurline was still the same cunning, manipulating bitch she always was. She’d pointed this out, and she received a malicious laugh in response, followed by, I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty. They weren’t kid
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Diagnosis by Song (OLD)
They talked. A lot. She didn’t seem to care. In a way, Jane thought it was admirable. Most of the time, she thought it was selfish. Selfish that this nineteen-year-old, a princess, with everything she could ever want, was treating her boyfriend like a servant. They talked. A lot. Always behind her back. Always about how he deserves better than that, better than her.
She didn’t seem to care. In her mind, Jane and Kabuto were just trash, and she could let them get away with talking because no matter how many times the Avyarche talked, Kaby-kun would never leave.
And Jane hated her for it. She hated how she could get away with it.
She’s not a saint, and she’s not what you think… She’s an actress…
It went beyond how he was treated.
She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress…
When she asked, he said he didn’t know how many of them
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She’s short, though it’s unknown whether or not this is because she was born premature or because of her mother’s stature. She’s independent, imaginative, witty, and stubborn; even at ten years old, she is her mother’s child. But don’t be fooled: underneath it all, she has resilience, and she knows something that usually takes people their entire lives to realize: even when you’ve lost it all, when you are poor, beaten, condemned, and damned, even when you’re trapped inside a box, or a prison cell, if you know who you are, then even in that box, you are free. Something her father had learned early on.  Perhaps she knows this from her own experiences.
And in appearance? Her right eye is a stormy blue, whilst the left looks as though someone simply inlaid an emerald into the socket. A genetic defect, the doctors said. Humaan doctors, of course. If they were from here, then they’d know that she’d simply gotten one pigment fr
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0
They’d come back from their goodbyes. Chishio turned to look at his friend, and was shocked to see that he had returned to their cell with his mouth still open, as though in the middle of a word, with a single tear journeying down his cheek, almost exactly tracing the line of the scar. His eyes were shocked, disbelieving, and as they stood, he finally shut them tightly and composed himself, returning to his stock façade. Chishio knew him well enough not to be fooled.
What happened?
Travis’s eyes opened, and they were cold and dead, as though there had been a light switch in his blue irises that someone had turned off.
She said she loved me. I told her that, since it was my last chance to say it, I would. And then I only got as far as her name. I didn’t have time to say it…
Pause. Rewind to four months previous.
Travis sleeping at the deaf girl’s side in the hospital ward. His hand inches from hers. Chishio kicking him in the ribs in g
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 1 0
He’s handsome, but not in the beautiful way. Not in the mysterious or artistic way, though I suppose he looks at himself as an artist of sorts, the old tosser. He’s good looking in that arrogant, douche-bag-ish way, though I’m not sure he appreciates the distinction enough to acknowledge it. He’s always donning that smug smirk that suggests he owns the world and all others pay cash.
Most women find themselves drawn to him. After all, bad boy is right up there with magnetic objects and they seem to have the same effect. I’ve never felt it. I’ve never had any urge or feeling towards him, except for those on the opposite end of the spectrum. Whilst some women fantasize about using his scarf to bind his wrists to bedposts, I can think of far more creative uses for such articles of clothing, such as a noose. After all, with five or more women under his belt as it is, I don’t intend to be his next quarry.
I feel it only fair to say that I have strong
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Ariana's Birthday Present
She could hear her breath as she bolted through the dim hallway, her Mary-Janes clicking in quick succession against the stone floor. At times water would splash against her calves as she ran into a puddle, and she could only thank Fate that the hallway was not completely flooded. She wasn’t running from anything, at least, not yet. She was looking for the creatures that were hunting her boyfriend’s friend’s mother.
Boyfriend’s friend’s mother.
Why the hell was she here?! What could she do?!
Oh, right. She was only here because the servant of said boyfriend’s friend—really, at this rate, she would be a gas at Six Degrees of Separation—had requested her help. Something about her being braver and stronger.
Yeah, okay.
She slid to a halt so suddenly that she reckoned that she left skid marks from her shoes. She listened with her new ears, which had taken so very long to get used to. She heard chains scraping against ston
:iconwho-refuse-to-wakeup:who-refuse-to-wakeup 0 0


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